Standard Ground Delivery, Continental United States For Standard Ground shipping (of in-stock items) Please allow 5-10 business days from the date the package was shipped. Your package will take 48-72 business hours to process and ship. If order is large, it may take three to five days before shipped due to most of these items are made to order *Standard delivery is unavailable to Alaska or Hawaii.
*We do not ship or deliver on Sunday.
When free shipping is offered on some items it is because a special promotion or deal is being offered for those items. Unless stated otherwise, free shipping covers the cost of Standard Ground Delivery only. Alternative shipping options are available at additional costs.
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The tutus are made once order is placed and paid for unless there is a pre-made special going on.
Send us an email and let us know what you have in mind. We will work with you and create your tutu.
The sizes of available tutus are based on general measurements in children’s sizes but since tutus are custom and hand-made, we recommend you measure yourself/child.
As of now, the colors available are Lavender, Soft Pink, Hot Pink, Tiffany Blue, Soft Blue, White, Turquoise, Teal, Black, Mint, Red. More colors are soon to come and colors can be combined to create your ideal tutu.
Wash it by hand in the sink or bath tub with a delicate cleaner (ex. oil of olay dish detergeant) Only a small amount is necessary. Use cold water, Never hot. Hang it to dry, never use a dryer (can cause tulle to melt, singe, or burn)After it has dry can spray with fabric sizing and let it hang for about an hour (spraying is not necessary) Give it a shake to get the fluff back.